Ten Tried and True Steps to Realize Your Heart's Desire

[Use the bracketed affirmations daily to strengthen your trust and resolve.]

  1. Truth: all the power, wisdom, love and goodness in the universe is within you, individualized as you. When you align with this energy it raises your energy vibration to a much higher level, and you will not be relying solely on your mind power. This is important, as it opens the opportunity for a much more desirable result. The greater your acceptance of being one with the eternal and sublime energy that is within you and everything in the universe, the greater your understanding will be, and this feeds your ability to manifest your heart desires. [I affirm, accept and expect that I am one with all the wisdom, power, love and goodness that is, was or ever will be.]
  2. Truth: when we focus our thoughts and take time to go within and plumb the depths of our mind, heart and soul, then we can choose what it is we truly desire in our life. Make a list and continue honing it until it resonates within the core of your being. [I affirm, accept and expect that my heart desires now manifest in my life peacefully, joyously, harmoniously, with good for all concerned.]
  3. Truth: you simply cannot have what you desire in life until you can accept it at the core of your being. You must be able to make the choice and accept it actually coming into your life not only mentally but on an emotional, feeling level. [I affirm, accept and expect that all the good I desire manifests in my life NOW, peacefully, joyously, harmoniously, with good for all concerned.]
  4. Truth: when you want something it is always in the future and will always remain there - unmanifested and unattainable. When you develop the concept of having, your consciousness shifts from a sense of wanting to a sense of having, which brings it into NOW. [I affirm, accept and expect that my consciousness is filled with abundance, health, love and joy and this NOW manifests in my life, peacefully, joyously, harmoniously, with good for all concerned.]
  5. Truth: when we use the creative power of our minds, we can visualize that which we desire to manifest in our lives. Through imagination, we tap into this power. See yourself having the fulfillment of your desires in the present moment. See yourself as you are now, wearing clothes you normally wear, and enjoying your heart and soul desires. [I affirm, accept and expect fulfillment of the highest and best desires of my heart and soul NOW, peacefully, joyously and harmoniously with good for all concerned.]
  6. Truth: the force of love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is the power behind creation. It is the basic element of the universe. When you focus your thoughts and mentally image them on the screen of your mind, adding love and deep feeling to the desire, it is a law of the universe that it will move into your life as form and as your experience. [I affirm, accept and expect that love directs the fulfillment of my desires NOW.]
  7. Truth – every word we speak creates a vibration in the universal energy field, and the effect of that vibration will return to us in direct proportion to the nature and emotion of that word. It could not be otherwise: Like attracts like. We must monitor our thoughts at all times and be certain that they are for our highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all. [I affirm, accept and expect that my heart desires are in alignment with the highest and best good of all, and arenow fulfilled – It is Done, and So It IS, and So I Let It Be!]
  8. Truth: when we totally accept, have faith and trust the fulfillment of our heart desires according to the highest and best good for us and for all, we can let go and let the process work. We rest easy in knowing that we are doing what is necessary and can get out of the way and trust in the manifestation process. [I affirm, accept and expect that Spirit/energy is the power, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.]
  9. Truth: being grateful represents a joyous release of the desire to the universe, as we know that our challenges are resolved and our needs/desires are now fulfilled. [I affirm, accept and expect that my desires are fulfilled in consciousness and now manifest in my experience, and I maintain an attitude of gratitude.] 
  10. Truth: the law of life works through us according to our active partnership. Your desires will not be achieved if you sit passively by. It is necessary to do everything reasonable in the physical realm that you are led to do to support your desires. If it is better health you seek, do that which you know and which is in your power to do. If it is love – start by loving yourself and loving others. If it is abundance, clean out your house, your closets, make room for good to come into your life. [I affirm, accept and expect good in every area of my life, and I am willing to do whatever is required.]
10 Proven Steps to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire
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